Dartmouth Engineering

Jeff Hebert

Current Employer
Synapse Product Development
Job Title

Jeff is President of Synapse Product Development, an engineering and product development professional services firm headquartered in Seattle with offices in San Francisco and Orlando.  Synapse multi-disciplinary engineering teams create innovative products for ambitious clients in the consumer and industrial markets.  Clients include Nike, Google, Uber, L'Oreal, Valve, and many others.  Synapse works closely with its parent company, Cambridge Consultants, a similar firm based in Cambridge, UK with offices in Boston, Singapore, and Japan, to also develop regulated medical and wireless products.

Jeff joined Synapse in 2010.  After leading projects as a PM, he led a business unit and then spent nearly 6 years as VP of Engineering, leading the client services organization of Program Management, Mechanical-, Electrical-, Software-, and Test Engineering, as well as New Product Introduction.  Before Synapse, Jeff worked as a software contractor, co-founded a video broadcasting startup with fellow Dartmouth Alums, and worked as as a venture capital analyst and strategy consultant.

Jeff is an avid mountaineer, cyclist, runner, backcountry and nordic skier, and electric guitar player.

Previous Work Experience
Scenario4 - Partner - 2009-2010 YouCastr - Co-Founder & COO - 2007-2010 Fletcher Spaght & Fletcher Spaght Ventures - Associate Consultant - 2006-2008
MEM Internship Company Name
Broadacres Ranch
MEM Internship Title
River Restoration
Why did you choose the Dartmouth MEM?
As I finished my undergrad degree, I knew that I liked engineering, but didn't want to make a career out of engineering alone. I believed the MEM would be a good way to move into leadership and management over time without losing my engineering roots. Looking back, the skills and lessons of the MEM, especially those regarding the human elements of business (interaction, motivation, management, etc.) have been incredibly valuable to me in my career.
What was the most valuable part of your MEM internship experience?
Great opportunity to work directly with a smart, influential Thayer Alum, Charlie Nearburg, on a project to increase the value of his fly fishing destination business.
How did the Dartmouth MEM prepare you for your career?
Layering in the knowledge and language of business on top of the problem-solving approaches of engineering has been invaluable. I found the MEM helped students see new applications in a business similar to how engineering courses showed us applications of physics. Whether it was organizational behavior to design well-functioning teams, marketing to drive a user-centered approach, or operations management to enable supply chain efficiency, the MEM touched on so many useful applications outside my core experience coming into the degree.
What is your favorite Dartmouth MEM memory?
My team had a great time with the marketing simulation, doing our best to reverse-engineer the system to achieve the best score and were especially proud to have trounced the Tuck students!
How would you summarize your Dartmouth MEM experience?
Foundational knowledge