Dartmouth Engineering

Joe Pirrello

Current Employer
Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.
Job Title
Associate Director, Business Development

Joe is currently part of the business development and strategy teams at Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals - a public biotech company that works relentlessly to develop and commercialize treatment options for patients suffering from devastating autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases.

Prior to joining Kiniksa, Joe held the title of Senior Consultant with the Life Sciences practice of Navigant Consulting, Inc. Joe provided strategic support in a number of therapeutic areas, most notably immunology and inflammation, for both large-scale and specialty pharmaceutical organizations.

Earlier in his career, Joe worked as an R&D intern at a small medical device start-up, SpringLeaf Therapeutics, and has also worked to develop low-cost diagnostic devices, specifically for use in the developing world.

Previous Work Experience
Senior Consultant, Life Sciences Group, Navigant Consulting (now a Guidehouse Company)
MEM Internship Company Name
Navigant Consulting
MEM Internship Title
Summer Intern
Why did you choose the Dartmouth MEM?
The MEM program sits (both literarily and figuratively) between the Tuck School of Business and the Thayer School of Engineering. Both schools are world renown for their academic rigor and thought leadership. Interacting with the students and faculty from both institutions provided an academic experience that few other programs can replicate.
What was the most valuable part of your MEM internship experience?
How did the Dartmouth MEM prepare you for your career?
A lot of my current job involves synthesizing complex ideas and plans down into a presentation that can then be shared and understood across multidisciplinary teams with a wide range of backgrounds and scientific acumen. Many of the classes during the MEM program, in one form or another, are focused on just that - the presentation of complex business and scientific/engineering concepts to a broader audience. While all the students have an undergraduate degree in the STEM fields, backgrounds are still very diverse which brought, for me, a ton of novel perspectives and mirrored a real-world professional environment.
What is your favorite Dartmouth MEM memory?
Generally, the diversity of the student body - I made life-long friendships during the program. Although the campus is a bit secluded in NH, the time spent there and the immediate access to awesome outdoor activities (hiking, biking, camping, etc.) was a welcomed change from the city where I lived before and live now after the program.
How would you summarize your Dartmouth MEM experience?
practical skills and experience