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Sue Roberts

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Sue Roberts
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Sr. Director, Sourcing & Supply Chain

Sue Roberts is the Sr. Director, Sourcing & Supply Chain at Funko, LLC, a leading creator of licensed pop culture products. Based in the Greater Seattle area, Sue leads a team of Product Safety, Sourcing and Procurement specialists in the US and Quality, Sourcing and Production teams in Asia. She is actively engaged in building lasting partnerships with manufacturers in China, Vietnam and Mexico and in continuously improving the operations of Funko.

Prior to working in the collectible toys industry, Sue spent over 20 years working in athletic footwear in different capacities. Fresh out of Thayer School, Sue joined Reebok after completing the MEM degree and deciding to enter a non-traditional engineering field that fit her athletic interests and background. She has held various research, product development, and advanced technology development roles at Reebok, New Balance, and Brooks. One of those positions was leading a product development team at a manufacturing facility while residing in ShenZhen, China.

Sue participated in the dual-degree program between Colby College and Dartmouth, spending her junior year and a 5th year at Thayer School. She earned a BA in physics from Colby College, a BE from Thayer School, followed by the MEM.