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Industry Partnerships

Dartmouth’s Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program collaborates with industry leaders to identify internship and project sponsorship opportunities that not only enrich the student learning experience and support critical research but also provide numerous benefits to our corporate partners.

What is MEM?

MEM is a graduate degree offered by Thayer School of Engineering in conjunction with Tuck School of Business to prepare managers who understand both the engineering and business aspects of technology.

SAP Community

Strengthening customer partnerships and creating value out of their data

After the successful completion of their last collaboration project, SAP Business Challenge Network, Siemens Digital Logistics and Dartmouth College joined forces again and conducted a second project in the field of Data Analytics

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What do MEM students and graduates bring?

  • hands-on experience leading cross-functional teams
  • quantitative systems thinking
  • engineering approach and skills
  • strong communication and presentation skills
  • project management expertise

Why partner with us?

Through three-month internships or class projects, our corporate partners gain skilled engineers who understand the impact of business decisions. MEM students and graduates can facilitate closing the gap between business and technology. They can provide technical expertise for your organization’s needs. Many summer internship corporate sponsors hire their MEM interns upon graduation.

SAP News Center

SAP Business Partner Challenge Network: Innovative Partnerships at Eye Level

Over the course of 10 weeks, 16 students from Dartmouth College worked on the challenge of applying SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) machine learning and predictive technologies, such as SAP Analytics Cloud, to the financial data provided by Siemens.

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What are the partnership options?

Sponsor an internship
Sponsor a course project for Technology Assessment
Sponsor a course project for Platform Design, Management, and Strategy
Sponsor a course project for Data Analytics Project Lab (DAPL)

What is expected of industry partners?

What are other engagement opportunities?

Interested? Now what?  

If you’re interested in a partnership or other engagement opportunity, submit a brief description of how you’d like to be involved.