Dartmouth Engineering

MEM Courses

Core Courses

Engineering Management (all 9)

Applied Mathematics (choose 1)

Elective Courses

Engineering Management (choose 1)

  • ENGG 103: Operations Research
  • ENGS 157: Chemical Process Design
  • ENGS 171: Industrial Ecology
  • ENGM 182: Data Analytics
  • ENGM 185: Topics in Manufacturing Design and Processes
  • ENGM 186: Technology Project Management
  • ENGM 187: Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • ENGM 188: Law for Technology and Entrepreneurship
  • ENGM 190: Platform Design, Management, and Strategy

Open Electives (choose 3)

Top 10 Elective Courses - Ranked by MEM Students

Thayer School of Engineering

All Thayer School graduate courses are available to MEM students.

Tuck School of Business

  • Data Mining for Business Analytics
  • Global Strategy & Implementation
  • Financial Reporting & Statement Analysis
  • Retail Pricing Straties & Tactics
  • Selling and Sales Leadership
  • Power and Influence
  • The CEO Experience
  • Leadership Out of the Box
  • Countries & Companies in the International Economy
  • Energy Economics

Included in the MEM tuition are up to 2 Tuck School elective courses. Students may opt to take more than 2, but this requires additional fees. All courses require permission from the instructor and prior approval of the MEM program director.