Dartmouth Engineering

Why Hire a Dartmouth MEM?

Data-Driven Leadership, Technical Expertise

Dartmouth MEM graduates know how to translate advanced technical and quantitative information across all areas of an organization. They quickly add value as data analysts and product managers who can interpret data and articulate the business implications. MEM graduates go beyond understanding high-technology. They know how it can be leveraged and sold and have the business and interpersonal skills to steward a product, service, or experience through all aspects of its life cycle

By hiring MEM graduates, organizations gain well-rounded employees with a global perspective who speak the language of both business and technology. Many go on to assume senior leadership positions and spark major innovations.

What do Dartmouth MEM graduates bring to the table?

• technical depth to business decisions

• hands-on experience leading cross-functional teams

• quantitative systems thinking

• strong communication and presentation skills

• project management expertise