Dartmouth Engineering

C Luke Metcalf

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South Pomfret
Language(s) Spoken
English, Nepali
Age Entering Program
Undergraduate Education
Tufts University
BS in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics
Previous Work Experience

Construction Project Manager, BlinkNow Foundation, Morristown, NJ, USA

MEM Profile

Area(s) of Study
Data Analytics
Product Management
Career Track(s)
High Tech
Elective Courses

Energy Utilization, Energy Economics, Energy Systems, Data Analytics, Energy Conversion

Extracurricular Activities

MEM Internship

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Personal Statement

The MEM program appealed to me because it presented an opportunity to bridge the gap between technology and business. My underlying goal is to be a part of the energy transition away from fossil fuels, and I thoroughly believe that widespread and impactful solutions will be led by economics just as strongly as technology. Coordination and efficient collaboration between technical and business trades will be vital towards driving these solutions, and this role is exactly what the MEM program prepares you for.

The courses I've taken here have prepared me to answer questions like "How do we scale distributed, clean energy?", "What can data analytics tell us about electric load projections?", or "Where is the greatest opportunity for efficiency gains in the US Energy consumption?" Dartmouth's growing contingency of energy-focused faculty and students, buoyed by the Irving Institute at Thayer and Revers Center at Tuck, have also been great resources.

Dartmouth as a community is uniquely supportive and nurturing. Our MEM class is a close knit group, with Geoff Parker and Ross Gortner at the helm. Thayer Career Services cares deeply about helping each of us find career success, Alumni have always been willing to speak with me about their experiences, and professors at Dartmouth are always happy to spend extra time with you outside of class. The Dartmouth MEM Program has been a great experience, and I am so glad to have chosen it.