Dartmouth Engineering

Carolyn Zheng

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Language(s) Spoken
English, Mandarin
Age Entering Program
Undergraduate Education
Case Western Reserve University
BS in Biomedical Engineering
Previous Work Experience

Business Analyst, BioMotiv, Shaker Heights, OH, USA
Translational Biomarkers Intern, Merck, West Point, PA, USA

MEM Profile

Area(s) of Study
Data Analytics
Product Management
Career Track(s)
High Tech
Elective Courses

Technical Project Management;
Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship;
Data Analytics;
Transforming Public Interest Organizations;
Managing for Social Impact;

Extracurricular Activities

MEM Internship

Clarion Healthcare
Boston, MA, USA
Job Title
Senior Associate
Internship Video
Personal Statement

Over the past few terms, the Dartmouth MEM program has completely reshaped my understanding of the professional world. This program has taught me the true value of building and maintaining a network, and being at an institution where alumni are always willing to connect with current students has really helped me do just that. The MEM program also has a ton of great resources at its disposal, including the Thayer Career Center and the Corporate Collaboration Council, all of which have been incredibly useful in helping me explore and pursue different job opportunities.
This program has not only helped me discover many potential career paths in the healthcare field, but it has also equipped me with the technical and business skills necessary in order to succeed in those roles. Dartmouth MEM offers a wealth of knowledge and opportunities to its students, and it's a great way to propel your career forward as an engineer.