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Claire Picken

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Project Management
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Project Management
Project Management
High Tech
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Smith College
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science
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I chose to attend the Dartmouth MEM program because of the connection between the Tuck School of Business and the Thayer School of Engineering. A human centered approach is necessary for engineering, and the most effective engineering solutions consist of multiple systems. The Thayer School and I share this mindset. Tuck seeks to train leaders to better the world, and I want to lead teams to have a positive impact. The Dartmouth MEM joins my two passions of technology and positive leadership. In the Dartmouth MEM program, I will learn engineering skills, business skills, and how to communicate and work between the two. This interconnected structure allows me to continue my engineering, leadership, and teamwork interests. I hope to work on cross disciplinary teams in my career, so understanding engineering and business and communicating with both will be a necessary skillset. I want to connect people across fields of study. I hope to help make the world a better place as a new member of the Hanover community at Dartmouth's MEM program.