Dartmouth Engineering

Fengyi Sun

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Language(s) Spoken
English, Mandarin
Age Entering Program
Undergraduate Education
Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Bachelor's Degree in Automation
Previous Work Experience

Supply Chain Data Analyst Intern, Lenovo, Beijing, China
Advisory Summer Intern, PwC, Beijing, China

MEM Profile

Area(s) of Study
Data Analytics
Product Management
Career Track(s)
High Tech
Elective Courses

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MEM Internship

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Personal Statement

The MEM Program is a great platform for me to learn more about business knowledge and combine them with my technical skills to make business decision through data-driven analysis. The wide range of course selections has enabled me to apply what I learn into real-world problems, while some of them, such as Technology Assessment, greatly trained my teamwork skills and presentation skills. Moreover, Dartmouth does a great job in its alumni network. We were encouraged to reach out to alumni at the very beginning of the first term, trying to better understand their current positions and using their advices to guide our own job seeking. I so much enjoy being a member of the MEM family. People here are having various backgrounds and it is really nice to be friends with them. With tons of campus activities and events every day, life at Hanover will never get boring!