Dartmouth Engineering

Kajal Singh

MEM Profile

Area(s) of Study
Project Management
Career Track(s)
Project Management
Project Management
High Tech
High Tech
High Tech
High Tech
High Tech
Uttar Pradesh
Language(s) Spoken
English, Hindi
Age Entering Program
Undergraduate Education
Vellore Institute of Technology
Bachelor of Technology
Previous Work Experience

Project Manager, Schneider Electric, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

MEM Internship

Job Title
Internship Video
Personal Statement

Coming from an engineering background with real-world work experience in project management and business intelligence analysis, I aim to focus on data-driven product management. I am incredibly excited about Dartmouth's Master of Engineering Management (MEM) program, as it will help to integrate my technical, business, and management skills to fit seamlessly in a high-tech environment. Dartmouth's comprehensive yet flexible curriculum transformed my passion for product management into a high-powered profession and provided a plethora of opportunities to network with industry representatives and like-minded students through organizations and projects on campus to hone my operational and business acumen.