Dartmouth Engineering

Career Resources

Thayer School Career Services

Thayer has its own Career Services office providing individualized career coaching and networking resources for both students and alumni. Student resources include on-campus recruiting events, career fairs, and Handshake—a customized online career services management system.

Corporate Collaboration Council

Each MEM student is mentored individually by a member of the Corporate Collaboration Council who advises on career options and preparation, and assists with networking as well as the internship and job search.

MEM Student Council

The Master of Engineering Management Council (MEMC) is a group of students who work closely with the administration of Thayer School and the MEM degree program to address the professional, academic, and social needs of current and future MEM students and alumni.

Mentor Network

Our Mentor Network helps Dartmouth engineering students and alumni plan, prepare for, and launch successful careers as well as helping employers connect with Dartmouth's engineering talent. Through this network you can build alliances, join support groups, befriend alumni with similar professional interests, and create other connections important to your professional development.

Alumni List-Serv

Sylvanus-Alum is an e-mail list-serv created to facilitate the sharing of current employment opportunities and news among alumni. You can subscribe and archives can be accessed by list members.

Magnuson Family Center for Entrepreneurship

The Magnuson Family Center for Entrepreneurship (formerly "DEN") will be a new innovation hub located at Thayer for faculty, student, and alumni connected to any department or school at Dartmouth.

Student Groups & Councils

A wide selection of career-focused student groups and councils can help you hone your skills and gain valuable industry knowledge.

Office of Visa and Immigration Services

The Office of Visa and Immigration Services (OVIS) assists Dartmouth international students with all immigration matters.