A Master of Engineering Management (MEM) degree from Dartmouth gives you the skills that fast-growing technology companies want. While MEM and MBA programs have some overlap in shaping capable leaders through a core curriculum in economics, marketing, and operations, students with MEM degrees are a better fit for today’s tech companies because they possess advanced quantitative skills that allow them to effortlessly communicate in the languages of technology and business.

The MEM is not your grandfather's business degree.

Unlike an MBA, which prepares general managers, MEM graduates are quantitative wizards capable of extracting value and communicating across beaurocratic boundaries.

The Dartmouth MEM program turns techies into managers with the skills to unlock the power of data analytics for any company in any industry.

Rewarding Career Paths

By choosing an MEM degree program, you’re opening the door to rewarding career paths that may not be available to students with traditional MBAs. An MEM degree gives you the edge you need in a tech-driven world.