Dartmouth Engineering

Program Options

Standard MEM Degree

The stand-alone MEM program requires 14 courses and is typically completed in 15 months, starting in the fall term (September) and completing the following November.  

BE + MEM Degree

Students that are enrolled in Dartmouth’s BE program (Dartmouth AB/BE and Dual Degree Students) and are interested in building out their technical management knowledge should consider applying to the MEM program.  BE+MEM students work towards both degrees simultaneously, typically reducing the time needed to complete both degrees by one term.  Students are encouraged to apply to the MEM program during their senior year.

MBA + MEM Degree

Students interested in tailoring their experience to gain both the management skills taught at the Tuck School of Business and the technical skills taught at the Thayer School of Engineering will benefit from this joint degree. This program is intended to develop leaders for careers that combine engineering/technology and business management. Students can complete both degrees in a total of eight terms (including one summer). Candidates must complete the separate admission and financial aid application processes at each school. It is recommended student apply and enroll at Tuck first, and apply to Thayer during their first year at Tuck.

Focus Areas Certificates

For classes entering before fall 2019, MEM Students have the option to target their studies toward a specific field of interest. Students who complete three electives (at least 2.5 course credits) in one of the focus areas and receive a P or HP for their ENGG 390 project in that same area will be awarded a certificate of completion upon graduation from the MEM program.

Focus areas for classes entering before Fall 2019:

  • Operations and Analytics Focus
  • Healthcare Systems Focus
  • Energy and Environmental Focus
  • Entrepreneurial Focus
  • Management of Design Focus

MEM Focus Area Form PDF

Duke University Exchange

Thayer School MEM students may choose to spend their second fall term at Duke University taking equivalent courses in Duke's Master of Engineering Management program.